We had an amazing weekend touring south and south eastern Manitoba looking for great areas to take photos with camera and drone.   On the way we had some unexpected changes to our plans, but managed to find even more amazing things to look at!

Friday we drove down to St. Malo to spend the evening in St. Malo Provincial Park and then headed to Senkiw Bridge near Rosa River Manitoba.  While onsite we took over 15 minutes of drone video, showing the bridge and surrounding areas which will be edited and posted soon.  We also took many beautiful photos which can be found in our portfolio by clicking here.

Sunday we decided to head towards the St. Michaels Church in Cook’s Creek however, this location seemed very commercial and we decided to keep on moving. After some driving we ended up going to River Road Provincial Park and looking at Captain Kelly’s House / english garden near Lock Port Manitoba.  These pictures are just being processed and will appear in our portfolio shortly.  We also made a quick stop at St Andrews Church just down highway 238 towards Winnipeg and took more amazing photographs.

Since it was a long weekend, we decided on Monday to drive out to Pinawa Dam Provincial Park.  Wow it was busy!  We took what photos we could and decided to try Blueberry Rock Trail near Lac De Bonnet, we had a great hike, took some amazing pictures and even a little drone photography.  These will be coming along shortly.

Once all of these images are ready we will be posting updates on our blog.  Stay tuned!