Hello everyone,

Our latest drone video featuring the Senkiw Bridge near Rosa River Manitoba has been added to our YouTube channel please click here to view!

This video was filmed on our DJI Mavic Pro using 4K 30 fps settings.  It was compiled out of more then 26 minutes of film which we took during our time at the Senkiw Bridge.  We got extremely lucky during filming as this popular bridge was empty and we managed to film almost every scene without anyone on it.  If you would like to see the full unedited video, please let us know and we will post it so you can see how bad my flying really is!

With the video itself, I tried to stich together various views to show the location of the Senkiw Bridge on the Rosa River and its surrounding trees, fields and features.  In the last downward facing shot of the bridge I am going along the path back to where you park to view this great little structure.

We highly recommend you check this place out, there is a few miles of gravel road, but it is worth the trip.  I know Ewelina wants us to come back in the fall and winter so expect more great shots and videos of this area as the seasons change.

If you have any suggestions where we should film next let us know on Facebook, or by contacting us!