Hello everyone,

As you can see from our Instagram and Facebook feeds we have been busy travelling around southern Manitoba and Winnipeg taking great pictures and drone videos.  We are currently in the process of editing, post production and publishing all of our great images and videos.  These will be available in the next few days and published over the week.  Click read more to hear more of our adventures!

Since you last check in with us we have travelled to many locations either by bike or car.  Last Friday we visited Patricia Beach Manitoba to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower.  We got very lucky with wonderful summer weather, clear skies and a great location on the beach.  Using Ewelinas new Nikon 1 J3 lens she took amazing shots of the sunset and the stars.  I managed to get lucky and catch a beautiful video of the sunset.  However we did get driven away around due to the insane amount of mosquitos which would not leave us alone even with bug spray.    At 11:30 PM we agreed enough blood had been donated and headed back to Winnipeg.

Saturday we decided to do something a little bit different.  We packed up and biked into Winnipeg’s downtown core. We stopped at Upper Fort Garry before continuing onto The Forks.  Here we shot various pictures and drone video before moving onto the Tache Bridge.   We managed to take a lovely video of the Tache Bridge with the Human Rights Museum in the back ground, this video will be posted shortly once completed.

As for our website we have updated the Portfolio page with some new sections showcasing some of our latest work, including Landscapes and Churches.

As always please watch our Facebook and Instagram page for the latest updates or follow us on our blog!

If you know of any place we should visit and take pictures and video of please let us know by contacting us.