We are off! Not sure where yet but isn’t that part of the fun in a road trip adventure?  Originally we had planned to hike and back pack in the mountains while taking beautiful photography.  However that plan got interrupted due to the Alberta and BC fire bans which would make tent camping and hiking cold and uncomfortable.  So we hatched a new plan to go in a random direction and see what we can find for a few weeks.  In this case we are off to Rushing River Provincial Park to explore the area, canoe and relax and enjoy nature.

Check out our Blog, Facebook and Instagram and follow along our adventures as we post drone, camera and maybe even live stream videos of our trip.  If your in the Kenora area let us know or know of a place we should go please let us know!  We are happy to try new adventures, food and drinks.

Keep checking back for updates and let us know where we should go next by Contacting Us