Last weekend Ewelina and myself managed to go on a brief road trip to Hecla Island Provincial Park.  As with all of our road trips, we randomly picked a day and a location.

We set off around 11 AM and arrived at Gull Harbor in Hecla Island around 1 PM.  It was a warm sunny winters day with a strong breeze out of the south which made drone flying almost impossible over the lake.

However that has never stopped us before and we managed to do some filming around the dock.

Here is a lovely picture from the drone of the docks.

Hecla Island Beach

Hecla Island Beach

Once we were done at the docks, Ewelina had seen a nice boat on the shore near Hecla Village in Hecla Island, we drove back down the snow covered road and stopped in Hecla Village.    We got very luck with the weather and were even able to get the drone up and over the ice packs to attempt to get photos of the ice piles.


We took photos of various buildings,including the ice shed, the docks and the church as the town was basically closed down for winter with not a soul in site, which made it feel like a ghost town.

It was an amazing trip and we will be back again this winter to snow shoe and try to get pictures of the old light house on the point.  The full set will be available on our portfolio shortly.

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