Hello everyone! It is that time of year again, when we review a new great product that we have used in the field. Today’s review is the Tenba Bags DNA 11 Messenger Bag.

Initial Impressions

This messenger bag was chosen after many months of research looking for a new highly portable bag when traveling or doing photo shoots. The requirements for this product were the following:

  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Good build quality and warranty
  • Easy to access camera and lenses
  • Can hold 1 full frame DSLR + 2 lenses
  • Can hold our DJI Mavic Pro along with the camera and lens.
  • Can hold a small tablet or laptop.
  • Weather proof

After looking through many products we settled on the Tenba DNA 11 Messenger Bag. It met all of our initial requirements and more!

After Use

With any product we review, we want to make sure it is used in normal situations such as hiking, wedding photography and day to day use. After about 3 months of use the DNA 11 Messenger Bag has shown us just how versatile it is!

For its small size, the Tenba DNA 11 Messenger Bag is ideal for day to day photography needs. Inside we can fit our Nikon D750, with our ultra wide lens and another lens, along with filters, iPad, adapters, batteries and our DJI Mavic Pro! You can see in the photo below, all the items which will fit into this bag, it is a one stop photography shop.

Tenba DNA 11 Bag
Tenba DNA 11 Bag and Everything It Holds

I am sure you are now thinking, oh well now it must weight alot and not be comfortable. I would have agreed without testing it, you can carry this bag for hours and day without any discomfort thanks to the grippy shoulder pad, and optional waste wrap strap to keep it from swinging around. This made the bag perfect for our trip to Mexico and our daily photography needs, it went everywhere with us.

Sunset Through Lens Ball In Mexico

As you have seen, we have taken this bag, on a few journeys including planes, beaches, and cars. It is rugged! Rain basically runs off the outer bag protecting the equipment, and if it is truly raining you can put on the provided weather cover, which makes it almost weather proof! This is a better feature then most other bags on the market. The bag also has good solid stitching and you can feel the quality just touching it.

Ok so it’s well built and can carry a ton of gear, how easy is the bag to access and get to your equipment? It is probably difficult right? Wrong! The Tenba DNA 11 Messenger bag, is so well designed you can access 90% of your equipment through a top zipper. This allows for easy access into the main compartment, where your camera, lenses, ipad and drone are hiding out. If you really need to open it up, there are 2 quick release straps on the front and military grade quiet Velcro keep it all secure, but easy to open in a rush. There is also a back zipper which gives you access to a misc paper, document and pen holder, perfect for cards and travel documents.

Well that is great and all, but does it actually protect your equipment? You bet! The main compartment is a removable padded container which is strong enough to protect your delicate equipment. Additionally, the quick release straps are in fact secure as well since, then require a slide to unlock instead of an up pop and combined with the Velcro keeps everything locked in place.

So what else can it do? This bag, can do it all, it can hold a device up to 11″ and even has small little areas on the side for a water bottle. We believe the only thing missing is the kitchen sink!

Is there anything it cant do? In our experience this bag meets all of our needs. Our only concern, might be it cannot hold a small Gorilla Pod tripod, but then again, that was never a requirement, and we can use our other backpack for this if required

Tenba Bag In The Field
Tenba Solstice 20L Backpack

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an ultra portable bag, that can do it all the Tenba DNA 11 Messenger bag cannot be beat! If it’s a little big Tenba also offers other smaller sizes with the same build quality and features. We highly recommend this bag and believe it is a great product.