Well we finally did it, we have added a DJI Inspire 1 Pro to our drone photography! We are very excited to welcome Sensei into our small little photography family.

With this new drone, we will be able to provide stunning 4k 30 FPS video to you our clients and customers. In addition with the dual operator setup, one person can focus on flying while the director or other can get the perfect shot every time.

Here are some specifications on our new DJI Inspire 1:

  • 18-20 minutes of flight time
  • 6.82lb weight
  • Zenmuse X5 4K 30 FPS Camera
  • Maximum speed 50 mph
  • Maximum range 2km
  • Dual controller system
  • 200% awesome

We look forward to bringing Sensei with us to your next project please contact us today to book a shoot.