Over the April long weekend in 2019 we decided to take a whirl wind trip from Winnipeg to Jasper National Park located in Alberta. We packed up our camera get in the Forester and headed out at 4 AM on Good Friday.

14 hours later and after a few quick stops, we were in Jasper National park, enjoying the majestic Rocky Mountains. If you are from the prairies or have grown up on flat land most of your life, this is the greatest feeling in your life… Texture.

Once arriving in Jasper first order of business, check into our hotels, then go find something to eat and drink!

Not much can be said about our hotel, it was a very tired travel motel called Maligne Lodge, lets say over the next two nights it was very loud, and would probably recommend booking somewhere else. That being said, it was cheap and a place to stay.

Once checked in we proceeded to find food at a local watering hole called De’d Dog Bar and Grill. The drinks were great and the food was not bad, prices were reasonable for the Jasper area as a resort town.

Next day, we met up at the Other Paw Bakery for a coffee and headed out to Maligne Canyon hiking trail. Our goal on on this adventure was to go from the main parking lot, down to 6th bridge and back up.

We packed our cameras and gear and headed out to the trail head, it was a lovely clear sky and crisp day in Jasper National Park, the perfect day to hike and tour. Arriving at the Maligne Canyon trail head, we geared up and started the decent down to the 1st bridge.

The trail was muddy in spots and still frozen streams made for amazing pictures, we eventually found a flowing water fall of spring run off and spent an hour or so taking pictures.

We then proceeded down to the 5th bridge, stopping to take pictures and just enjoying the wild mountain air. The trails were not very busy and allowed for us to take our time, get great pictures and relax. What an amazing day!

After a great morning of hiking, we loaded up into the Forester and headed up to Maligne Lake, a short 30 km drive from the Maligne Canyon trail head. The roads were wonderful and clear, with towering mountains and vistas all around. Once arriving at the lake, it was like traveling back to winter. The entire lake was frozen, with breath taking views of all the mountains.

What a treat, we took some pictures, walked around and enjoyed the fresh clean mountain air. After we headed back towards Highway 16 East and went to visit a small lake which looks like emeralds. As you can see in the picture below it was just stunning.

As you can see, it was a long day and we were all ready for a beer, some good food and to relax. So we headed back to Jasper and grabbed dinner at Jasper Pizza Place, it was very good wood fired pizza. We enjoyed a beer and headed to bed as we had to leave back to Winnipeg early in the morning.

We had a great trip as you can see, and will be back again in the near future. What have been your experiences in Jasper National Park? Where should we go next? Let us know by contacting us today OR on social media. Stay tuned for our next article!