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Follow our adventures as we use cameras, drones and live streaming to share our stories.

E & S Photography was started by Ewelin and Sean based on their passion for travel, photography and technology.  Check out our blog for stories from our travels and contracts. 

Ewelina Januszewicz

Ewelina comes from a little city called Suwalki and made her way over to Winnipeg in early 2000’s.

Ewelina’s passion is outdoors. From gardens to forests, from streams to rivers, from hills to mountains – Ewelina loves it all. She finds the beauty in nature and she captures it with what she can. She has learned to utilize any camera that she has when something catches her eye. She always does her best with what she has.

Together with Sean, she’s on the journey to capture world’s hidden beauties and share them with others to spread the joy


Ewelina's Story
Made in Poland, crafted in Canada
Sean's Story
Made in Canada, likes to fly drones

Sean Habing

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Sean Habing loves to travel, explore  and use technology.

His passion for photography started when he got his first drone back in 2015.  It was a cheap toy but he saw the potential.  Fast forward to 2017 Sean now uses his DJI Mavic Pro to take stunning 4k videos.

Thanks to Sean’s passion for technology he has also been involved in live streaming weddings and events for various people and organizations.  

You can always find Sean researching the latest technology and combining it with his passion for outdoors and sharing his adventures with Ewelina.