This article might be a bit of a deviation from our standard material, but bare with us as we discuss the philosophical side of photography and the Power Of Nature.

Over the past few years of wandering Canada and taking landscape photos, Ewelina and myself have learned something very important. Our need to be in nature, is what inspires and drives us to do photography.

First maybe a little bit of background is required, to help you understand how we got into photography. I have always loved nature, growing up camping and traveling as a kid, nature was important, but at that time I was probably too young to appreciate it fully. Fast forward 20 years, now in my mid 30’s, Ewelina re introduced me to nature, hiking and being outside. It filled a part of my soul that I had not known was missing, in the day to day rat race to get ahead.

From those trips, spawned the passion of photography, to capture the beauty and share it with friends and family. This ironically turned photography into the main driving force for us to get out into nature, travel and see the hidden beauty outside.

Hecla Island Winter Boat
Hecla Island Winter Boat

But why is this important?

Being in nature has helped us reconnect with the earth, ourselves and each other. After a long week of hard work, sitting, working on computers and life’s typical stresses we found the best way to de stress was to walk in nature.

This has been key to keeping our sanity in our busy day to day lives trying to start a family and get ahead.

An additional side effect has been the new found respect we have for the earth, environment and our role within it. Humanity has done significant damage, and if we ever hope to restore our planet we all need to reconnect with our role within nature.

As you can see nature plays a key role in our lives from de stressing, to photography, to wonder and amazement! Even while sitting in an office or pondering what is next, I an look outside and be amazed at the wonder which nature brings to us and it inspires Ewelina and myself to do more traveling, take more photos to share our experience with everyone who visits our site and social media platforms.

Spruce Woods Frozen


We do photography because we love nature, plain and simple.

There is nothing else to really say, we love nature, and photography brings us back to enjoy nature every weekend, every day and hopefully for the rest of our lives.

How do you enjoy nature? Why did you get into photography? Let us know we would love to hear from you!