This week we had the pleasure of going to the Winnipeg Ice Castles located at The Forks in downtown Winnipeg.  It was worth the trip and fighting the minus 40c cold.

Our evening started out with dinner at The Forks itself, with a great meal form Kyu Grill in the main area.  This area was recently renovated and now includes many restaurants, craft beer and coffee sellers.  It was a perfect setting to begin our Ice Castle journey!

Once we completed our meal, we dressed up in our parkas and headed out to the Ice Castles located near the Human Rights Museum.  What an amazing sight!  Large structures made of frozen water, lit with various colors as you can imagine a photographers dream!

I must admit, I have been having issues with the F-stops and shutter speed settings in dark environments on the Nikon D7000, so some of the pictures did not turn out well.  However we did manage to get some lovely shots which you can see below and more of them in the Portfolio.

Ice Castles Ice Cave Lovely

Ice Castles Winnipeg Colors

Ice Castles Sean and Ewelina

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