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Wedding Photography Packages

Ready to capture the most important day of your life? Check out our wedding packages below. Don’t see a package that works for you? Let us know.  We will be happy to design a custom dream package that works for you.

Up Close & Personal {$1500}

Looking at a small ceremony? If you’re hoping to capture the most important parts of yoru wedding day, and maybe a few pictures of your loved ones, this package is perfect for you!

  • 2 photographers
  • 3 hours on site *
  • Post processing time is included
  • Up to 30 processed and touched up photographs
  • No travel fee within Winnipeg.

Friends and Family Extravaganza {$2,250}

Sometime it’s hard to shrink your guest list down, not to worry! Trust us, we get it. Let’s spend a little more time on capturing all the beautiful moments and your amazing friends and family! Having more time on site allows us to capture the beautiful details of your venue and personal items that mean so much to you!

  • 2 photographers
  • 5 hours on site*
  • Post processing time is included
  • Up to 60 processed and touched up photographs
  • All raw unprocessed pictures can be provided upon request (no additonal charge)
  • No travel free within Winnipeg.

Go Big or Go Home! {$3,000}

Have you spent a little bit to much time planning your special day? We don’t want that to go to waste….. Let’s capture EVERYTHING!

  • 2 pohotographers
  • 8 hours on site*
  • Post processing time is included
  • Up to 150 processed and touched up pictures
  • All raw unprocessed pictures can be provided upon request (no additional charge)
  • No travel free within Winnipeg
  • Free travel to areas surrounding Winnipeg ( up to 1 hour away)
  • Free drone photography or videos **
  • Free live streaming available*

Add Ons

We all love accessories, why not accessorize your wedding package?  Prices below are for wedding package “add ons” only.  if you’re interested in any of the items below, without booking the wedding package, please contact us for pricing.

Drone Pictures ** {$200}

Want pictures with a freah new perspective?  We have you covered with our professional drone photography services. 

Live Streaming {200}

Want to shave your day with friends and family who cannot attend? We can provide live streaming over the internet of your ceremony and reception. 

  • Include setup and take down time before and after ceremony.
  • Only available at venues with access to high speed internet.
  • Available for YouTube and Facebook live streaming services.

Engagement Session {$300}

Looking to capture that special moment when they said Yes?  We have you covered.

  • 2 hours on site*
  • No travel fee within Winnipeg

Looking for something different? or want additional pictures on another day (before or after the wedding)? Look no further.  All prices below include post processing time.

  • 1 hour on site {$200}
  • 2 hours on site {$300}
  • 3 hours on site {$400}

* If travel is required between the location of ceremony and the location of pictures, travel time will either be part of the hourly coverage, or an additional fee can be applied to cover the travel time and ensure that the full time is spent on photography.

** Drone pictures are subject to Canadian drone laws, and are weather dependent.  Ask us if your venue location is qualified for drone photography.  If you book drone photography, but weather does not permit drone operation, we will not charge you for any applicable drone fee.s

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